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Pest Prevention Principles And Practices

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Pest Prevention Starts Outdoors | Bugs and Weeds

Preventing pests is better than controlling pests, for the same reason that preventing house fires is better than controlling house fires!

There is a lot of information on preventing pests in the home, most of it deals with the obvious:

"Clean your house, seal your food, check for holes, close your trash can, stop leaving the doors open when you run out to the mailbox you moron!"

Pests come from somewhere 

Most of us know these things. What has escaped the attention of many of the most avid prevention enthusiasts is that the pests must come from somewhere! They come from outdoors, and usually from your own property!

That is what we want to focus on, where the pest come from, and how to stop them before they get inside your home, or even close to it!

The folks who are opposed to using commercial pesticides have by and large. missed this as well, and a thriving market has been created for "non commercial" "natural" or "organic" pesticides. "Non commercial" has taken on a new meaning, as millions are now being spent on these products.

These things are fine, but there is a way to reduce the use of all types of pesticides and have a real environmental and economic impact on the world.

Better pest control 

Very simply, it is prevention. Prevention involves a lot more than keeping your home clean and sealed from pests. It goes beyond your home, into it's landscape, and lawn, and all the way out to the edges. That is, it involves securing every area that you have a degree of control over.

The theory behind this is logical, straightforward, and simple. We will not go into the theoretical side very much because most of all, it is a practical guide to dealing with a practical need.

We should not need a lot of explanation about why prevention is the best way to manage pests, or why it is needed. There are many reasons, some of the environmental, some are economic, some are just plain practical. Preventing pests is better than controlling pests in the same way that preventing house fires is better than controlling house fires. It is more like natural law than philosophy.

Economic impact of pests 

We spend billions annually on controlling pests, billions more are lost due to pest damage. The shear economic impact should be reason enough.

Since most of the procedures for preventing insects are the same as preventing weeds, they will all be included wherever they fit in the process rather than separately. This is a guide for preventing pests on your property, starting at the edges and working all the way into your home. Following these suggestions may not give you a completely pest free life, but it will get you very close.

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