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Green Guide to Using Our Guide To Green Pest Control

Tips on how to use this site:

  • It can be seen as individual pages on a number of different, but related topics:

Our Our Weedy Site Map contains a complete list of the pages along with a brief description of the content of each.

  • It can be followed as a series of steps to help prevent bugs and weeds from bugging you:

For this purpose, we have included a link at the bottom of each page that is related to these steps, which will lead you to the logical next page. If you want to do this, then Prevention Starts Outdoors is where it begins. If you would like to start from a directory listing all the main pages in sequence, we have that covered as well. See our Prevention Program  page.  

  • We have included topical directories.

This should aid you in finding information about a specific prevention or bug and weed related topic on this site. Our main directory is the location you need.

Conventional Pest Control Service: IPM based

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