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Bugs and Weeds About Us

Who we are, what we believe, and what we offer.

We are a pest  control company! Why, you ask, is a pest control company going to such lengths to offer a full fledged, honest to goodness pest prevention website for free?

Well, honestly, I have asked myself the same question a few times. I have been asked that question by other PCO's a few times as well, but not as nicely.

Some of it is just because it is the right thing to do. Some of it has to do with the fact that it is a good way to get the word out about our business, particularly for those who might think that this is a great idea, but might want some help in doing it. We use chemical pest controls, but a lot less than most companies. We like to limit these to extreme cases, or as a sort of mop up operation when everything else is done, and there are a few stragglers around to be taken care of.

How this came to be.

After a lifetime of agriculture and parks maintenance, much of that time spent in pest control, it became obvious that something was missing. The missing  component was prevention. I noticed that by doing a few simple things, that most of the pest problems went away on their own. Being sent to deal with the same weed problem every year I began to ask: "Why don't we clean the mowers after mowing the weedy right of ways, and before we mow an athletic field?" Or: "Why not mow the fields first, when the mower's are clean?" Or again: "Why not have a mower dedicated solely to field mowing?" That is one example of many. After watching the same mistakes being made over and over again, and trying to treat them instead of dealing with the root causes, I knew I had to at least make an effort. This is that effort!

Note: The owner of this site does not think that all chemical applications are bad, and maintains a commercial pest license for such cases.

Press Release

If you need help to carry out the steps provided on this site, or treatment for the bugs and weeds and other pests already on your property, the best place to go for that help in The Tyler, East Texas area is TexPest Services.


Contact us at: james@bugsandweeds.com

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