About this site

We have ants, we call the exterminator. We have weeds, we call the lawn care pest guy. We see the problems and want them fixed. We rarely stop to ask ourselves why we have the problem to begin with. We treat symptoms without investigating the illness causing the symptoms. We do it over and over again.

Don’t worry, it is normal. We have been programmed to do it.

We need to look beyond the symptoms to the root of the problem and fix that. Pests are not the problem, they are the symptom of bad planning or bad maintenance.

A pile of rotting wood becomes a breeding ground for a roach invasion. A low spot in the lawn holds water for weeks during the spring and mosquitoes take over the backyard. We try to fight them with insecticides, but the insecticides are limited in what they can do, and how long they can do it, and the insects return. We mow the weedy area by the highway before mowing our lawn, and then wonder why weeds are gradually taking over. We create our own problems.

The answer is simple: Get rid of the pile of rotting wood, fill or create drainage for the low spot, and make sure that your lawn mower is clean and free of weed seeds before mowing your lawn.

This is pest control at it’s most basic. It is pest prevention, and that is what we are about.