Green Pest Control Best Practices

The best practice for green pest control is pest prevention. No exceptions to that. None! How do we make green pest control a reality? How do we prevent pests from ever becoming a serious problem? It works best if we can start at the very beginning. For most of us this is not going to be an option. We will probably not be involved in the process of building our own home from the ground up, but for those of us who are involved in the process of developing a property and building a home at the earliest stages, it can be done. We have included pages on the subjects of building green pest control into your home and landscape from the beginning. Our pest prevention pages are applicable here as well, especially if we have not had the luxury of starting from the ground up. In fact, the pest prevention program section of this site can be taken as "best practices" for pest control and prevention. Incorportating green pest control when building a home Green pest control works best when when it is built in. If you build pest prevention into your home from the outset you are way out in front of pest problems. Incorporating green pest control when building landscapes Most landscape professionals have design and aesthetics in mind while creating a landscape design. A few landscape designers also keep irrigation needs in mind while designing a project. Very few landscape design professionals pay any attention to designing pest control into the landscape.