Green Pest Control Services

What is a green pest control service?

Keep in mind that there is some variation in what is called "green" in the green pest control industry. We have broken these down into four groups. These categories are not the "last word" on the subject, they are simply a guide. There will be a great deal of variation in what is called "green" and some significant variations in services provided. "Greener" pest control services: Some standard pest control companies offer a "greener" pest control service as an extension of their regular services. This is usually accomplished by using commercial pesticides with very low doses and low impact. This usually involves greater than normal care to the application, beyond what is required by labels and laws, and more attention to monitoring pest populations than the standard occasional visit. Standard pest control companies offering pest control services using "green" products: There are standard pest control companies that offer "green" pest control services as a subset to their commercial pest control. Most of these companies have a crew or two that specializes in using green labeled products, or all of their crews carry green labeled products as a matter of course and use them as an alternative when requested. Green pest control companies using "green" products: There are companies that specialize in using green products. Some of these companies use green insecticides and herbicides in the same way that standard pest control companies use commercial pesticides. Pest prevention service providers offering pest control services with "green" products: There are companies that offer green pesticides as a follow up to pest prevention methods. These companies specialize in pest prevention as a first line of defense against pests and use green products as needed. There is a good deal of variation between these groups and there is not a standard definition that is followed by all pest controllers so you can expect some mixing between these groups. Green pest control service providers: Note: We are in the process of putting together a listing of green pest control companies. We realize that the time may come that you need a little help in your efforts to safely control pests in your home or business environment. With that in mind, we wanted to offer a list of green pest control services. The list we will offer will make no distinction. If the company offers green pest control, they can be on the list. We may attempt some refinement into categories at some point in the future, but until that time, you will need to check with the company to see if they offer what you are looking for at a level at which you are comfortable. If you know of a green pest control company, or if you are the proprietor of one, we would love to include you in our free listings: Contact us with your business information at:

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