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These pages are written by an East Texan, in the Tyler area, with East Texas bug and weed pest prevention in mind, for people in East Texas. If you are from some other part of the country, be assured, that if it works here, it will work anywhere!

East Texas may be the center of the known universe for bugs and weeds. I am not saying that this is a fact, but it can't be far off the mark!

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Pest control in our part of the world.

If you live in the Tyler East Texas area, and are not assaulted daily by pests, you probably have never been outdoors!

We have a steady supply of mosquitoes, fireants, spiders June bugs, grubs, gophers moles, mice, and other insects and vermin to contend with. Then there are the weeds! Furthermore, we have a steady stream of new invaders crossing our borders all the time. If you haven't yet been invaded by kudzu on your property,  hydrilla, water hyacinth, Eurasian watermillfoil, or giant salvinia in your pond or lake, they will be over to visit you soon!

What is an East Texan to do? Well, the best place to start, is with prevention! The best place to start prevention, is with information, and the site you have landed on is a great source of practical pest prevention information! Browse around, and then get started. This site contains a program of pest prevention which will get you well on the way to winning the war on pests in your lawn, garden, landscape and home. The best part, it is free for the using! For more information and instructions, go to: How To Use This Site

If you need help to carry out the steps provided on this site, or treatment for the bugs and weeds and other pests already on your property, the best place to go for that help in The Tyler, East Texas area is True Green, Totally Green Service  Email: etexbiz@gmail.com, for information or service.

Serving the Tyler East Texas area: Smith County, Wood County Rains County, Gregg County, Cherokee County and more.

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