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The greenest of the green methods of pest control is pest prevention!

We now offer in the Tyler, East Texas area, a green pest control service based on pest prevention.

Residents of the Tyler, East Texas area now have an alternative to chemical based pest control. Green, earth friendly, ecologically safe, environmentally sane pest control based on the simple principles of pest prevention.

Pest prevention is the "greenest" form of green pest control. No chemicals are required. No waiting time to get back into your home, or onto your lawn, no danger to pets, and no risk to pollinators or collateral damage to friendly, beneficial insects.

If you are serious about "going green," you owe it to yourself to check this out! Let us tell you how we can give you a green, home environment, that will prevent pests, lower your costs, and give you a healthier lawn, garden, landscape and home in the process!

What if preventions is not enough?

If prevention doesn't work, you must have missed something! No, that is not necessarily true, we do understand that there are sometimes circumstances beyond the property owner's control, and for those occasions, we offer a green botanical pest control service, if you desire the use of outdoor botanical pest control for follow up treatment, or for unusual circumstances which might be beyond what preventive pest control can do. We have found a number of non toxic, botanical products which we have proven to be very effective.


While we are accepting new clients, we are no longer accepting phone calls for information, or new clients, the call volume became prohibitive. Instead, please email us at james@bugsandweeds.com We will be happy to follow up with you.

For those who want to  "do it yourself" How To Use This Site is the place to go.

Conventional Pest Control Service: IPM based

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