Pest Prevention Program

Pest Prevention Program: Preventing Pests How to Do it Yourself

Welcome to our pest prevention program page!

Stopping pests is better than treating pests. Prevention is always better than control. After years of seeing this done in reverse, and seeing only lip service given to Integrated Pest Management, we decided to do it right!

Even in most IPM, the emphasis was placed on pest management, after the fact. Pest prevention was shoved to the back of the bus, and “the least toxic, most economical forms of controlling pests” were used. No one ever returned to the prevention phase. That is what this program is about. Prevention. It is a step toward real integrated pest management, beginning where it should, at the beginning! This program should be easy to follow for the homeowner, or anyone who has to deal with pests on a regular basis, and seeks to do so in the least toxic, most environmentally sound way. There is a link to the next page in the sequence at the bottom of each page.

The links listed here are part of an integrated program of integrated pest management. What is Integrated Pest Management? I am glad you asked. IPM, is it is commonly called, is a system which seeks to use the least toxic, least expensive means to get the best results in controlling pests. Our ideas on IPM are a little bit different from the normal programs.

Normal IPM starts with controlling the pests, and gives only a little attention to preventing pests. It is like an afterthought. Our program starts with pest prevention at the base, and uses standard pest control as a last resort. This program takes the emphasis off of pest control and makes pest prevention the central method. It is a strategic difference that makes all the difference in the world!

You will see the difference.

If you start with the first page on this list, you will find a link at the end of the article which will send you to the next page in the proper order. The same is true of every page.

Prevention Pages

Prevention Starts Outdoors

Preventing pests is better than controlling pests, for the same reason that preventing house fires is better than controlling house fires! There is a lot of information on preventing pests in the home, most of it deals with the obvious: “Clean your house, seal your food, check for holes, close your trash can, stop leaving the doors open when you run out to the mailbox!”

Pest prevention is a matter of finding what the pests want, and avoiding practices that will provide it. Pests, like other living things, need food, water and shelter. Most of this program is about doing the things that will deny this to them.

Brush Control As Prevention

Removing debris, brush, and weeds will help to keep pests off your property. Rotting wood is the roach’s natural food. Getting rid of rotting wood, will help to keep roaches and other pests off your property, make sure that your outside area is free of it, and anything else that might hide pests.

Lawn Maintenance For Prevention

One of the largest and most critical areas to deal with in home pest prevention is the lawn. The lawn is a place for show, a place for recreation, and a place where children usually have their first real contact with nature on a physical level. The addition of children and pets increases the importance of both controlling the pests and the nature of the control.

Other Lawn Care Practices For Pest Prevention

Cultivating is something that doesn’t have to be done as often as the other items on our list, but it is highly important. If you have a thatch build up, or compaction problems, aerifying, or verticutting will aid in keeping your lawn in good condition…

Landscape Management For Prevention

Your landscape is an insect and rodent magnet, it will attract them, or it will help to repel them, based on how you manage it.

Tree Care For Prevention

Good pest prevention practices apply to trees as well as the rest of your landscape. Proper maintenance will repel insects and weeds, poor practices will attract them like a lawyer to an ambulance.
Preventing Pests From Coming In

If you have performed the other tasks in this guide properly, the number of pests trying to get inside will be limited. The biggest part of indoor pest control, is practicing good outdoor pest prevention. There is still one important thing that needs to be done: Seal your home!

Pest Prevention Facts

Most importantly, there are always the things your mother told you. Things like: “Close the door when you go in or out.” You should have paid more attention, you probably wouldn’t have to be reading this list!

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