Pest Prevention Starts Outdoors

Where do house pests come from, and how do we stop them before they start bugging us?

There is a lot of information available on the topic of pest control, there is even a fair amount of information on preventing pests in the home. Most of it deals with the obvious:

Get rid of that rubbish in the yard, clean your house, seal your food, check for holes, close your trash can, stop leaving the doors open when you run out to the mailbox.

These are the things our parents tried to tell us when we were children. Turns out that they were right. These are some of the very basic actions needed for preventing pests in the home. They point to the principle behind them: Create an environment that discourages pests and exclude the pests that might come around anyway. How do you do that? What are the specific steps you need to take? Where do you start?

Where do pests come from?

Let’s start there. Pests come from somewhere, and finding out where that somewhere is is the most important, and often neglected first step.

With weeds it is pretty obvious. Your weed problems are outdoors. If you have weeds in your home, you have bigger problems. We will deal with weeds more as the topic comes up in the outdoor sections of this site. What we are talking about here is bugs. Where do they come from? It often seems to have escaped the attention of even the most avid prevention advocates that the pests must come from somewhere! So where is this mysterious place?

It’s simple,they come from outdoors, and usually from your own property! They were there before we got there, and they don’t give up easily. Knowing this gives us a starting place. To move them away, and keep them away, we need to alter the environment in a way that favors us, and discourages them, so we start in their natural home.

How do we stop these pests?

This involves moving back the defenses to the edge of your property, and making cultural changes that favor you and your family, and repel insect encroachment in the area between your properties borders and your home.

If you keep the majority of them off your property, there will be fewer to assault your home. Keep the majority of pests from assaulting your lawn, there will be less to assault your landscape and garden, keep the determined few from your landscape and you have fewer still attempting to invade your home. Seal your home well, and your pest problems inside are few or none.

That is what we want to focus on, where the pest come from, and how to stop them before they get inside your home, or even close to it!

A pest prevention guide

This is a guide for preventing pests on your property, starting at the edges and working all the way into your home. Following these suggestions may not give you a completely pest free life, but it will get you very close.

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