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A better way to control pests

Did you know that there is a better way to control pests in your home environment? It is a more environmentally friendly, healthier, safer way to manage pests than simply using commercial chemicals, or even the natural or organic pest control products.

Everyone is aware of the dangers of using commercial organophosphate cholinesterase inhibitors, but few people think through the process far enough to realize that even the organic and natural products have some drawbacks.

All pesticides, both commercial and organic naturals have to be manufactured, packaged, shipped, and stored. All of these things require energy! If you want to be truly green, you should give some thought to the obvious eco smart alternative. Pest Prevention!

Pest prevention can be accomplished using very few tools, very little fossil fuel energy, and it just makes more sense. If your goal is to reduce your overall environmental impact, this is the place to start! Sure, you will probably need to use some of the products occasionally, but it will be a lot less, and a lot less is a big step in reducing your carbon footprint.

Other things to consider:

  • Learn how your earth friendly products are manufactured. If the energy used to manufacture organic or natural products, or recycle and re-manufacture your paper goods is more than the energy used to start from scratch using renewable resources, the recycling effort has become counter productive. The same is true of plastic packaging such as is used for such products as organic and natural pest products.
  • Does the cost in terms of energy expended in manufacturing the natural oils and other ingredients for your brand of pesticidal soaps and other like products exceed that of other similar products? Are the exotic essential oils shipped from exotic, far away places?
  • The amount of energy expended to ship products from one place to another should be considered. Is there another product, manufactured locally that will have less environmental impact?
  • Are the products you use stored for long periods of time in artificially heated and cooled warehouses awaiting orders and shipment? Once again, a more local approach might be appropriate.
  • What is the energy consumption for shipping raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, and final shipment of the product in relation to alternatives?

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